Understanding "Classes" in EcmaScript 6

By now you may have heard the news, EcmaScript(ES) 6 2015 is finalized and JavaScript is going to be propelled into future, satisfying the needs of non-JavaScript developers to easily transition to a language that didn't have "classes". Well, I'm not here to burst your bubble, but that's not happening. What IS happening, is that we are getting nothing more than syntactic sugar over JavaScript prototypal delegation.

Just to be 100% clear, "class oriented" (Java, C#, etc) programming involves object creation through c

Understanding the AngularJs Digest Loop

When you first start working with a large monolithic framework like AngularJS, you may not want to or care to understand the inner workings of the framework. Once you start to get more comfortable, you'll naturally wonder how things actually work under the hood and how you can write better code.

If you have yet to understand the $digest loop, don't worry, I'll cover it in great detail in this post

Two Way Data-binding - The Wizardry

To truly understand how two way data-binding works within AngularJS, we need to start collecting

Demystifying Prototype In JavaScript

First thing you need to understand with JavaScript is that there is no such thing as classes(ignoring the ES6 spec). JavaScript is filled with an endless sea of objects. Objects are linked to each other, the idea of classes is a mere design pattern that can be implemented via mixins. I'll cover the fundamentals of OO JavaScript in a future post but I just wanted to preface this topic by setting the stage clear on where JavaScript stands in regards to classes.

JavaScript descendants

At the heart of it, all JavaScript objects descend from

Leveraging tsconfig.json in TypeScript Projects

Before you start boycotting this blog for boring configuration file posts, I promise you that this is the last one, haha.

The more and more you work with TypeScript, you'll need to become very intimate with tsconfig.json and the different configuration parameters it currently supports.

What is tsconfig.json for?

TypeScript projects! tsconfig.json allows you to configure how your TypeScript project is transpiled. You can specify individual files to be transpiled, exclude certain folders, remove comments, etc. Th

Angular Provider Service Factory Differences

There was a bit of confusion when I read the forums and the AngularJS docs when it comes to what a provider, service and factory are. The confusion is not so much in the documentation, but in the way that I read it at first and since this blog is to catalog my experiences, I'm going to write about it. You could very well have read the docs and said to yourself, "Clear as mud" and went on with your life, but no worries, I'm here to save you!

Does it matter?

Well that depends. Depends if you actually want to understand what you're writing and not resort